It's all about Lunch

I got to have lunch with my father (Richard Lathwell) and Roger Hui on Monday.   We had Japanese food.

Don’t be jealous.  I’ll most probably have lunch with you too!

Ah yes, the Alberta connection –  Albertans unite… ? The Albertan Diaspora?  That sounds weird, doesn’t it.  I have to say, though, there are a strange proportion of people born in Alberta associated with APL.  Including me.

Shephen Taylor writes that Arthur Whitney has a good joke about this – that I would do well to get right.  Ah, Arthur…  another Albertan shining star.

Documentaries are well served by contrasts and comparisons…  J & K – APL’s protege languages with such divergent paths…  I’m mulling on this and peppering Roger with questions…

I learned that Roger and Arthur Whitney actually took a class together at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  Cool.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Eric Iverson, and we’ve planned it so that I get a visit with Jean too.  Lucky me!

And I’m playing phone tag with a lawyer.  Another step towards actually talking to one.  Onward!


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  • Roger wrote some of the more interesting Timesquare code. Smart man.

    I wasn’t born in Alberta, but I lived there for 6 1/2 years. Does that count?

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