Calling Everyone I know…

Soon it will be time to start putting some real stakes in the ground.   When does the film move from an I-can-do-it-all by myself production, to a professionally staffed, all or nothing, I’m going to tell this story the best way possible, even if it kills me, extravaganza.

Of course I’m being dramatic to illustrate a point.

I’m putting in calls to every person I know in the film and television business – and asking, what do you think?  What is the down-side of finding an Executive Producer?  Should I Produce myself & bring in a Director?  With the New Media folks, of course the advice is to steer clear of TV – it’s a dying industry after all.

What point does everyone agree on?  Get a good lawyer.  Now.  Don’t sign anything until you have one.  It’s expensive – but do it anyway.

There seems to be unanimity.


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