And One by One they Come…

This project is turning me into a strange sort of multi-generational jet-setting pied piper of cyberspace.  Between BAPLA2009 and twitter, amazing stories are arriving every day.

At BAPLA2009, for example, I had a great late night conversation with Gilgamesh Athoraya, who is all of 27 and using Dyalog APL @ Optima Systems to collect biometric health data on smart  phones.  What’s it like to be in the 3rd generation of this quirky, highly intelligent community?  We compared notes – there are some strikingly similar experiences between generation 2 and 3!

By picking through Tracy Harm’s tweets this weekend, I “met” Daniel Jackson, the gandson-son-in-law of a woman in her 90’s name Julie Goss, who is still alive and well in Texas.    Apparently, this woman was Ken Iverson’s secretary in the 1960’s.  My father doesn’t remember her, but maybe someone who entered the game before 1966 does?

The stories and questions and interests are coming.  I’ll be moving more posts from LinkedIn to this blog soon.

Stay Tuned!


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