On the Road Again…

I think the last time I was in the UK, it was before the milleneum and the trip was for Reuters.  It’s hard to believe it has been so long.

I’m leaving tonight, arriving at Gatwick Saturday morning.  I’ll then catch the train to Weston-super-Mare and spend some time with Yolanda Berry, Paul Berry’s daughter.  The last time I saw her was in Boston sometime around 1984.  I had a great visit with her sister and mother in Berkeley.  I’m finding these personal reunions very emotional.  We were all thrown together as children and moved around a fair bit which created deep bonds between the families and then *poof* we were all dispursed to both sides of this huge continent.  It’s amazing to find these familial bonds still deep and strong.

After this quick visit, I’m off to Reading to talk about my film at the British APL Associations BAPLA2009 conference.  I’m happy that I’m on the speakers list and don’t have to sneak around, hiding behind plants with my camera.  I’ll have to find other ways to be sneaky! 🙂

I’ll talk a little about myself and the film but I really hope the audience will have questions and comments.  Everyone has their own opinion about what this film is actually about or should be about and it is fascinating to hear these ideas.  I’m quite happy to be challenged on this project, it reminds me of being a kid and being asked to defend myself by the older folks in this community.  Relentlessly.  Without mercy.  All in the name of self improvement.

Here I go… I’ll try to take some photos on this trip!


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