Home in Toronto & Moving Forward

I’m happy to be home and relaxed after a restful long weekend (Queen Victoria day in Canada – GBTQ).  I’m finishing up a video I owe which is long overdue.  I have promised to write up an account of the meeting with the Bay Area APL Association for the Vetor Blog – so I won’t get into that just now.

My trip to California was wonderful.  In between the presentation and taping sessions, I was privy to some pretty interesting gossip and personal reflections about relationships between fathers and daughters.  I expect that as I am talking to a preponderance of men, many of whom have daughters, this will be a re-occurring theme.  As for the gossip… well, now.  What should I do with this?

And speaking of fathers…

My father received a call from Adin Falkoff on Friday.   And even though he caught me in a compormising moment when he called to pass on the news, I was very happy to hear about all it.

Adin, it turns out,  learned about the film on the grapevine, and called to say he was excited by the idea.  Thanks, folks.  Good work!

And if you’re paying attention to Vetor’s blog, you already know about the new book, Masterminds of Programming which features Adin on the creation of APL.

As a side note…

The readership of this blog is now growing beyond friends and family, and people are asking, “Who are you to be making this film, anyway?” so I suppose it’s time to post some biographical details.  I’ve added this to my “to-do’s”.

As for forward momentum…

Today I put in a call to an award winning Canadian Animation artist and film producer.  I hope he returns my call.  I have met him casually so… fingers crossed.   So, guess what I’m thinking about to spice up this film?

I am also assembling the team.  I have high hopes for Iris, a camera woman who called out of the blue as I was running out the door to Palo Alto.   Many of you will remember Maria Nunes from the IPSA days, when we were operators together in the 1980’s, she’s now a video editor extraordinaire who also edits for CBC News.

I am also organising a ring of international spies.  Already there are agents in Europe & the USA.  If you think you are cut out for super secret missions, send me a note.  One can never have too many collaborators.

I’ve finally touched base with Roger Hui and he promised to drown me in photos of his Kids at BAPL – Yay!

Take care, everyone.  I completely appreciate the notes and references and contact info and anecdotes and moral support and co-operation from everyone.  This is why I love this community.

And remember – Nerds Rock.  We’re becoming cool, even.   Fancy that!


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