1974 "Origins of APL" DVD

A copy of  the 1974 “Origins of APLDVD arrived in my mailbox today from John R. Clark in Arizona, USA!

This is a talk show style conversation between Ken Iverson,  Adin Falkoff, Larry Breed Phil Abrams & Roger Moore hosted by  David T Clements.


5 Responses to “1974 "Origins of APL" DVD”

  • Was this a home made recording or is it something that is in the public domain somewhere? If it is not too long, perhaps it could be posted on youtube or otherwise linked to from here… I’d love to see it (or hear it). I presume it is video since it is on DVD?

  • Yes. I think I made a promise to put it online. I need to check that this is cool with everyone & find the time.

    It is too long for YouTube, but Myspae will take it.


  • Eric Iverson said that the reason my dad isn’t this video is because he was in Copenhagen installing an APL system. I think my sister and I were with him on this trip and we all stayed with lived Hans Kurz and his family for at least a month, perhaps a little longer.

  • Will anyone forward John R. Clark’s contact information. I am an old student of his that would love to get in contact with him.


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