I need some help

I am working on the articles of incorporation for the film.  I need someone to help me by reading draft articles of incorporation & some financial planning.  Someone with accounting and/or legal experience would be an excellent help.

Very soon I am going to need a fundraising committee.  I have a plan & need some help putting it into action.  Please let me know if you can help in this area.  I need outgoing people to help “pass the hat”.

Actually – I should add here that I’m exploring many different financing options.    Only some of which involve “passing the hat”.


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  • Hi… Terrific idea and venture. I wrote you a long comment and then it was deleted (so I’m sending a precis). I have lots of IPSA stories and will look for a CBC radio interview done at one of the APL conferences back then. Also I can recommend a lawyer who can help you – she is terrific and has kept me on the straight and narrow with the incorporation and associated governance for my “volunteer” job on the board of IIBA (www.theiiba.org). I might be able to review whatever you’re working on too. I’m not a lawyer but I’m an APLer from the olden days (81-86). Very fond memories that you might be albe to use.

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