Who said APL is d**d?

I’m getting emails from around the world assuring me this is not the case.   Why is this Canadian born invention thriving everywhere else but here?


2 Responses to “Who said APL is d**d?”

  • Catherine,

    It’s fun seeing the APL comments from the LinkedIn group.

    Would be great to make them into a digest over to this blog somehow (with permission I suppose). Or is there a way to make those comments public somehow.

    There are a few (old) APLer’s I know who would be interested in seeing them but I can’t find them on linkedin.


  • Hi Tom,

    I’ve been copying the comments to a page in this blog (see upper right hand corner of the page –> It says LinkedIn). I’ll bring over the next batch as soon as I can.

    I’m trying to encourage people to post here…

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